Stratio Inc


The Stratio idea was conceived by three PhD students in a small corner desk at Stanford University.

 As PhD students in Electrical Engineering, they knew about the myriad of advantages with infrared imaging – from material analysis to night vision. However, the technology was prohibitively expensive so that only a few could benefit from it. One day, they discussed how a new sensor material called germanium (Ge) could be responsive to infrared light waves in real life. They began digging deeper, consulted experts, and conducted countless experiments to find out how they would achieve low cost, small size, and low power consumption. It turned out to be a years-long journey, but a fruitful one. Hence Stratio was born, in January 2013.

Today, Stratio designs, develops, and manufactures infrared technologies to help people reveal things that are hardly visible, increase process efficiency, and enhance public safety. Check out our websites to learn more about LinkSquare®, a pocket-sized spectrometer, and BeyonSense®, the world’s first smartphone-compatible shortwave infrared camera.

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