Renewable Energy

A constant surge of wave flow contains a hidden potential of 3 terawatts of energy,
which is higher than the total world’s annual energy demand.
Moreover, wave energy, said to have a higher density index by comparison with that of solar or wind, is posed to be recognized as a more economical and stable source of electricity.

INWave, INGINE’s Wave Energy Converter (WEC) technology, is an innovative method of generating power using the whole range of wave movements, enabling its application even in shallow waters where conventional/existing technologies otherwise have difficulties.

INWave Onshore, INGINE’s first WEC product model, can be easily installed on land (e.g., breakwater barriers etc.), thereby ensuring durability, safety and affordability. 
In light of this, a small-scale power generation and distribution (micro-grid) for/on remote islands and coastal areas, otherwise inaccessible to existing technologies, will be the first candidate.    

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