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KIC-Europe serves the businessroom for 2 to 6 person.

Application Date : 1.July.2017 ~ 14.July.2017.


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Innovation Cooperation for Korean Startups and SMEs

Facilitating the process of innovative Korean companies’ global expansion.

Korea-EU Technology Commercialization

Enhancing Korean SME’s capability of global technology commercialization.

Business Acceleration & Incubation

Providing acceleration programs and trainings to Korean Startups willing to expand into European Market

Support of EU Joint Research Project such as Horizon 2020

Discovering not only bilateral but also multilateral calls for proposals that are pertinent to Korea and supporting the submission of such proposals.

Fostering joint R&D and reinforcing the capability of global technology commercialization

Invigorating the cooperation in the area of business-oriented R&D through a well-established Korea-EU network.

Korea-EU Science & Technology Policy Cooperation

Creating a solid foundation for a close policy cooperation between governmental bodies such as European Commission and the Korean Ministry.

Horizon 2020

S&T News on South Korea




Latest news from KIC-Europe’s network: interviews, early stage market news, entrepreneurial success stories, social innovation, high tech and much more!




KIC-Europe operates in three main areas: it ensures a complete business infrastructure for Korean enterprises seeking expansion to Europe. Likewise, our centre provides services to help European companies expanding into the markets of Korea and Asia through its extensive international network and local experts. Through its own network of early-stage investors and business partners seeking EU and local subsidies, KIC-Europe also traces new routes to funding and investment for early stage companies or SMEs in expansion.

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