Presidential Greeting

Seok Koo JI, Ph.D.

Seok Koo JI, Ph.D.


Welcome to the Korean Innovation Center (KIC) Europe.

We are happy to announce KIC Europe re-opened in Berlin, Germany, in order to better serve as a hub for Korean start-ups and European partners. With its enthusiasm towards technological development, precedence of international cooperation, and low-living costs, Berlin understandably receives some of the most venture capital investment in all of Europe.

We aim to take part in this movement by facilitating and providing a bridge for Korean start-ups and European partners through our ​KIC-Autobahn program​ and ​KIC Business Plaza​. KIC Europe now also serves as a central space for Korean start-ups to land in Europe and as a hub for European interests to tap into Korea’s start-up ecosystem.

We envision a mutually beneficial inter-connected world where European and Korean technology, specifically ICT, becomes more accessible to all. On behalf of KIC Europe, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those striving to make this vision a reality and look forward to what we accomplish working together.

Seok Koo JI, Ph.D. President