K-TC Lab Fraunhofer

2017 Technology Commercialization Education Programs

□ Background

ㅇ To meet the increasing demand for TC(Technology Commercialization) for excellent Korean technologies, the need for an European base to support localized TC capacity strengthening education and an organization that supports start-ups was dominant.

☞ KIC Europe is located in Germany, which has the biggest market size in Europe. Germany also shows the most frequent transactions with Korea in Europe. KIC Europe functions as a bridge to connect Korea with Germany, East European market, and other European markets.

ㅇ Fraunhofer IMW, located in Leipzig and functions as industrial policy research institute, has industrial technology knowledge and network on overall Europe. It has a great value as a cooperative partner to enter into German market, Eastern European market and other European markets.

※ Fraunhofer IMW : Fraunhofer-Zentrum für Internationales Management und Wissensökonomie

□ Progress

ㅇ KIC Europe signed MoU with Fraunhofer IMW (Jan. 2016)

ㅇ In order to utilize K-TC Lab in order to activate KIC Europe’s TC task, KIC Europe proposed TC capacity strengthening program to Fraunhofer IMW (May. 2016)

ㅇ After reviewing the proposed program in KIC’s internal meetings, KIC discussed the specific program contents with IMW

ㅇ KIC Europe held first Match EU Camp (17 Nov. ~ 25 Nov. 2016)

□ Program Description (Plan)

ㅇ The program’s plan can be changed flexibly considering Korea’s demand to enter European market.
Considering the expected demands for strengthening Business Commercialization, we are planning 3 types of programs.

Category TC Camp R2BD Camp MatchEU Camp
Target Directors in charge of technology transfer & commercialization in
Public institutes, University, Enterprises
Government funded institutes, University owned technology’s commercialization/ researchers willing to establish start-up/ professors/ students family enterprises of government funded institute that want to enter European market
Purpose Offer professional education to facilitate technology transfer & commercialization to directors in charge of TC Offer professional education and consulting on TC/global start-up establishment for public technology entering to European market Support various information and activities that are needed to enter European markets to family enterprises of government funded institutes
Contents of Education


Research Finance
Research Entrepreneurship
Strategic Analytics
University Linkages
Business Development and IP Management
Research Marketing
Business Model and Value Proposition
Strategic Analytics
University Linkages
Business Development and IP Management
Start-up Finance
Value Proposition
Start-up Finance
Customer Development
Market Analytics
Start-up Pitching
Startup Management
Competitive Analysis
Going Global
Industry insights
Duration 5 days (Weekends X) 5 days (Weekends X) 7 days (Weekends X)
Schedule 16 Nov. 2017 ~ 20 Nov. 2017 31 Jul. 2017 ~ 04 Aug. 2017 05 Dec. 2017 ~ 13 Dec. 2017

※ Funded education fee: Educational site and education tuition, full amounts of participants’ accommodation cost and lunch on education period.