Sonictier markets three services. First, 3-D Immersive Sound Processor to remap and play 5.1/7.1 channel in 15.1 channel 3D surround system on a real-time basis. This technology is to support patent-protected x-y axis multi-layer screen channels on top of walls and ceiling hemisperic surround. Second, up to 31.1 channel mixing service to author the best quality 3-D movies and music contents. Third, PC based plugin 3-D immersive sound authoring software for professionals and amateurs. It is like a Soundshop for audio and they can make their own 3D immersive sound contents for fun and upload to social media like YouTube, instagram, etc.

Address: 413-832 Paju, #101, 37-39, Hoedong-gil Paju-city, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Daejin KIM interview at ITU Telecom World Conference:


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