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LTE/WiFi Traffic Aggregation Solution (named MPAS: Multi-Path Aggregation Solution) increases bandwidth by simultaneous use of 3G/LTE and WiFi. It allows devices(UE) to support 600Mbps or higher speed (150Mbps LTE advanced, 866Mbps operation with 160MHz IEEE802.11ac)
MPAS allows the communication session to continue without disconnection, regardless of change in WiFi connection status. The Traffic aggregation is applied automatically when WiFi connection is established. And the traffic transmission continues without interruption through LTE path even when the WiFi connection is broken.


Characteristics of the MPAS

  • MPAS can be applied to existing 3G/LTE and WiFi network with little changes:
    – Addition of Multi-Path Gateways (MP-GW) for Traffic aggregation
    – Software Upgrade of SmartPhone (UE)
  • The Solution can run LTE-only or WiFi-only mode by configuration. A single interface out of LTE and WiFi interfaces is selected for communication according to the aggregation option.
    – Use of aggregation can be decided based on user’s subscription policy
    – Use of aggregation can be decided based on Smartphone applications
  • Various policies are applicable per-user or per-application bases
    – LTE/WiFi full aggregation, LTE rate controlled aggregation, WiFi preferred
  • MPAS architecture supports easy capacity expansion by using multiple MP-GWs
    – Load-balancing and failover among MP-GWs
    – HA (High Availability) architecture by 1:1 or N:1


MPAS System Features


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