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KIC-Autobahn Mentor's Day 2016

Brussels – Celebrated in Brussels, Belgium (March 3-4, 2016) KIC-Europe played host to some of the European’s most renowned early stage investors, business coaches and innovators.

A great atmosphere presaged a flood of talent for the two-day event. Masterfully organised with the support of Korean’s CCEIs (Centres for Creative Economy & Innovation), the event attracted Koreans’ most impactful young tech companies, exposing their business plans to KIC-Europe’s mentors.

It’s no surprise that Korea leads the ranking of the most technologically advanced and digitally connected countries in the world. Fabulous pitches and world-class technologies rocked on display during the online pitches, which had a very successful launch in its first edition – welcoming more than 20 young ventures!

This combination between ambition and talent is devoted to strengthening the EU-KO startup ecosystems, working together to connect more Korean entrepreneurs to European early stage investors, mostly angels, VCs and accelerators. From business validation to internationalisation phase, KIC-Autobahn will help Korean companies develop and scale up their ideas and businesses, putting in motion a truly pan-European softlanding programme.

KIC-Europe’s mentors will support the awareness raising of the disruptive technologies exhibited, setting up a runway for Korean entrepreneurs to start and scaleup their business in Europe and grow internationally. Just to name a few, leading European organisations such as EBN, EBAN, Microsoft Innovation Center, Oxygen Accelerator, Startupbootcamp Barcelona, and Segments Accelerator will work closely with us to promote the emergence of new Korean talents.

Since its inception in November 2013, KIC-Europe has remained committed to its mission of creating the next generation of Korean tech success stories. Supported by the MISP and the NRF, our center will navigate the emotional journey of entrepreneurship by:
■ Guiding entrepreneurs into global concepts through an European mentorship scheme;
■ Facilitating access to the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe to promote startups’ growth;
■ Improving the access to capital via early stage funding and corporate-startup collaborations.

Further calls to attract the most innovative Korean companies and European startup experts will be launched in the coming months. Help us match Korean’s most creative, disruptive and ambitious startups with corporate partners, early stage investors and benchmark our initiatives with your networks. Join our elite club to build, grow and celebrate startup success.

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The first braille smartwatch, DOT, receives the prestigious ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship Award

Budapest, Hungary – DOT, one of KIC-Europe’s represented companies, has been hailed as the Winner for the ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship Award.

The Award, presented by the ITU – United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – is the leading international award honoring excellence on the ICT domain. ITU, which nominates and selects the ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship Award, is comprised of the world’s largest manufacturers and telecoms, innovative players working with new and emerging technologies, along with leading R&D institutions and governmental organisations.

The Award has been handed in the course of the ITU Telecom World 2015’s Closing Ceremony, and will be available in ITU’s YouTube Channel all throughout Thursday 15th October, 2015.

DOT, the first braille smartwatch, has set a watershed in the industry for innovation and creativity. Supported both by iOS and Android, DOT also includes the feature to read e-books. The product strives to reduce the invisible discrimination against people living with blindness in information accessibility. Eric Ju Yoon Kim, Founder and CEO of DOT, stated “This award is a testament to the skill, innovation and vision of its creators”.
Contact: Eric Ju Yoon Kim | Email:

KIC-Europe’s President, Dr. GiWon On, remarked “KIC-Europe is working at the very heart of the ICT sector to create a truly global entrepreneurship ecosystem, aiming to foster the next generation of global startups and SMEs. KIC-Europe firmly envisions a strategic cooperation and understanding between all stakeholders, fueling innovation and growth throughout Europe and South Korea.”

Since its inception in November 2013, KIC-Europe has supported over 80 Korean technological ventures to scale their businesses overseas, securing funding, partnerships and valuable connections from business visionaries, nurturing its represented companies with a full spectrum of startup globalization services, accelerating innovation for social and economic impact. It’s therefore an honoring excellence for KIC-Europe to receive this distinguished award and we heartily thank ITU Telecom World for this recognition.

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The multichannel True 3D Sound Technology, Sonictier, has won the ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship People’s Award

Budapest, Hungary – It was an honor for KIC-Europe to have another company which was represented by them winning the ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship People’s Award. Two Awards in one night? What a successful way to close the KIC-Europe participation to ITU Telecom World 2015.

The Secretary General of ITU, Mr. Houlin Zhao, has presented the Award to Mr. Daejin Kim during the ITU Telecom World 2015’s Closing Ceremony which was held Thursday 15th October, 2015. Over the past 150 years, ITU has been a facilitator and pioneer. From the earliest days of telegraphy, through the development of radio and phone technology, we have been instrumental in bringing life-enhancing innovation to global communities. This year, they are celebrating their 150 years anniversary and it was an honor for KIC-Europe to be part of it and win two Awards.

SonicTier is revolutionizing the sound by offering a true 3D experience. It is the next-generation 3D audio systems for cinemas and other areas involving intellectual properties. Based on a number of essential patents that realized the SonicTier True Surround 3D Sound System, SonicTier is changing the paradigm in the global audio solutions market. Daejin Kim, Vice-President of SonicTier, stated “Receiving such an award is an accomplishment and a true testimony from the delegates themselves by voting for SonicTier. I am proud to receive this award and it gives us the motivation to keep going further with our product and innovation”.
Contact: Daejin Kim | Email:

Mr. Houlin Zhao, Secretary General of ITU has congratulate South Korea for their success and many Awards received during ITU Telecom World 2015. KIC-Europe President, Dr. GiWon On has stated: “Winning two Entrepreneurship Awards during ITU Telecom World was the best way to realize that not only we should continue supporting the very promising Korean Startups and SMEs but also that South Korea has so much to offer to the technological world”.

The Korea Research and Innovation Centre-Europe is growing more and more each day trying to find more Korean Technological ventures to bring to the next level. As Albert Einstein once said: “We cannot solve our problem with the same thinking we used when we created them”. So let’s believe in Innovation and continue to support the technology of tomorrow by writing Korean Startups and SMEs success stories.

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KIC-Europe’s president at the Importance of the Digital Single Market for App Developers hosted by SME Europe of the EPP

Brussels – SME Europe of the EPP (Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of the European Peoples Party) hosted a working breakfast on the Important of the Digital Single Market for App Developers. Dr. Gi Won On, Korea Research and Innovation Centre–Europe’s president held a statement during that event at the European Parliament on September 15 by underlining the significance of the app business.

The event brought together European Union’s officials, EU stakeholders and various App Development representatives to discuss the main problems app developer have to face when it comes to regulatives in the Digital Single Market.

The event discussed the importance of the digital single market for app developers. App development has a growing importance to the economy and SME Europe hope through the Digital Single Market more app developers will grow faster and be more competitive on an international level.

Many interesting speakers brought their thoughts and knowledge on the subject such as the Vice-President of SME Europe, Mr. Bendt Bentsen (Member of committee on Industry, Research and Energy); Mr. Heinz Becker (Member of Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Member of Committee on Petitions); Mr. Pablo Zalba Bidegain (Vice-Chair of Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Chairman of the SME WG Digital Agenda) and the Director of EU Policy and Government Relations, Ms. Catriona Meehan (Application Developers Alliance).

A warm thank you to SME Europe of the EPP for inviting KIC-Europe’s president to partake in this very interesting event by giving a statement.

SME Europe :, twitter : @SMEEurope
EPP :, twitter : @EPP

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KBC starts a new journey with ‘Startit@KBC Brussels’

Brussels – A few members of the Korea Research and Innovation Centre–Europe have attended the Grand Opening of Startit@KBC Brussels this Tuesday, 15 September 2015 and would like to congratulate them on setting up such an interesting project and programs for Startups.

KBC Brussels is the joint brand of the former KBC and CBC networks in the European capital. Damien Van Renterghem noted: “KBC Brussels is aimed specifically at clients and prospects living or working in Brussels. Our headquarters in the centre of the capital are a perfect reflection of our Brussels, European, cosmopolitan and multi-cultural embeddedness. Created by the bank-insurer KBC, we are a true startup, ready to breathe a new life into the financial sector of the Brussels Region. I’m proud to invite you to the launch of Startit@kbc in Brussels.”

Launched in 2013, Startit@kbc is currently the largest incubator in Belgium for early stage companies. They offer free office space and expert support to approximately 180 startups active in Hi-Tech, Fin-Tech, Sales, the Sharing Economy, Design, Entertainment & Beyond. The expert support offeres networking, masterclasses, one to one coaching and events. All of this will bring Startups to a seedable business model.

On Tuesday 15 September, Startit@KBC opened the doors of its fifth premises, this time in the heart of the European district in Brussels. Their aim is to strengthen the vibrant local eco-system by ‘paying forward’ towards early stage startups.
The program counts now 178 Startups with 331 people and 34 mentors. Startit@KBC Brussels “embrace the start-up mentality through facilitation, mentorship and creativity”.

Find the Startups here:
Find the mentors here:

KIC-Europe wish a lot of success to all of the startups that joined this project and most of all to KBC Brussels

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KIC-Europe opens a new door with signing a partnership agreement with Gust

Brussels – Korea Research and Innovation Centre–Europe and Gust have announced to have entered into a partnership proposal to foster the bilateral collaboration between promising Korean startups and European early stage market players.

Dr. Gi Won On, KIC-Europe’s President, remarked “We are thrilled to formalize this agreement with Gust in order to serve the organizations’ mutual goals of increasing the quantity, quality and success of entrepreneurs and of early stage investments in the region, thus creating a greater pool of smart capital for innovative startup companies. KIC-Europe trust they can curate these companies by performing the due diligence, mentoring, accompaniment and fundraising process to turn these companies in the next generation of Korean success stories”.

Gust provides the global platform for the sourcing and management of early stage investments, enabling skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit. Gust is endorsed by the world’s leading business angel and venture capital associations, and powers over 1,000 investment organizations in 75 countries. More than 300,000 startups have already used the platform to connect and collaborate with over 50,000 individual accredited investors.

KIC-Europe is the first Research & Innovation Centre in Brussels to develop an integrated cooperation and to build a large network in research and innovation between Korea and the EU. KIC-Europe opens up access opportunities for Korean startups and SMEs to expand into European markets by providing strategic solutions and networking, so as encouraging participation in international joint research projects and cooperation activities.

In view of this agreement, starting with immediate effect, all KIC-Europe’s members will be linked to Gust’s platform to participate in the funnel process, pitching, training and mentorship activities leading up to investment. Gust will be the official deal flow management and collaboration investment platform of KIC-Europe’s Korean companies.

A warm thank you to Will Brown, Business Development Director of Gust, and Pablo Garrido, Head of Business Development of KIC-Europe for making this partnership happen. It is a new step forward for KIC-Europe and an incredible opportunity to extend the visibility in the global startup ecosystem.

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September in Brussels is hot for KIC-Europe

Brussels – Minded business visionaries; Juan M. Revuelta from Finnova and Caroline Bergaud from Mind the Bridge; attended KIC-Europe steering committee to review Korean’s companies applications bound to expand to Europe. The selected ones will have the opportunity to pitch all throughout Europe in October and November in international events, contests and competitions.
Daliworks, Inc, KRF Co., Ltd, My Mobile, Co., Ltd and Sonictier Inc. aimed to achieve a unique intimate approach to over 50 investors and investment managers from Business Angels networks, VCs and top-tier European accelerators to sell their business ideas and lay the foundation for important deals in the future.

Daliworks, Inc is providing Thing+, Internet of Things cloud, which enables customers to build faster, cheaper, reliable and scalable IoT services. Thing+ helps customers to take full control of their IoT services by connecting, managing, and analyzing their devices in real time.

KRF Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in high power RF amplifier for DAS (Distribute Antenna System) solution such as GSM, CDMA, USPCS, WCDMA, LTE for mobile bands. KRF high power amplifier is key product for RF and ICS repeaters which amplifying signal in tunnel, public safety, airports, residential, hospital, office building, and public safety area for mobile phone.

My Mobile, Co., Ltd is company which created The Kkul-Jam sleep management system. This device uses highly sensitive sensors that will work with smartphone so that it can measure the amount of exercise and physical activities during the day as well as the quality of sleep based on respiration and hear rate which will help analyze the relationship between the sleep quality and the daytime activities. Ultimately, the Kkiul-Jam service aims to provide and recommend the best personalized method for one’s good night sleep according to individual activities and habits.

Sonictier provides a new 3D audio format solution to theaters. It also provides 3D audio mixing technology for sound mixers to make 3D audio contents to be played in those theaters. Then movie fans can enjoy immersive sound which is close to nature.

KIC-Europe would like to heartily thank the participation of our esteemed members Caroline Bergaud from Mind The Bridge, Juan M.Revuelta from Finnova and Pablo Garrido from KIC-Europe.

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