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Startup Support Mentors :

Angel Garcia

Founding Partner at Startupbootcamp Barcelona

Angel Garcia is the founding partner at Startupbootcamp and Lanta Digital Ventures as well as an experienced executive, entrepreneur and investor who has broad experience in international environments in both Asia and the US building up startup projects for more than 20 years.

Anthony William Catt

Managing Director at Oxygen Startups

Anthony William Catt is the managing director of Oxygen Startups which is one of the longest standing organisations in the UK that has been supporting entrepreneurs and accelerating the growth of early stage technology startups. He is taking the Oxygen group forward as they look to continuously adapt and improve their ability to support the whole startup journey both in the UK and as they scale operations globally. Oxygen's Programmes are Weekend, Pre-accelerator, Accelerator, Investors, Innovation & Timeline.

Bart Van Loon

Offshore Staffing Specialist

As well as being a colorful international cosmopolitan who loves the arts, Bart Van Loon is an experienced entrepreneur who founded his first business in 2006 and is also an expert in coaching and teaching startups in their pitches and in their overall entrepreneurial journey.

Bernardo Martinez

Business Manager at Conector Start Up Accelerator

Bernardo Martinez is a well-versed business manager and entrepreneur who has had more than 10 years of experience mentoring several companies in various industries. While he has worked in various industries such as energy, entertainment, hunting, education and fashion, his main area of expertise is ICT.

Christophe Bodin

Christophe Bodin has been coaching and consulting innovative companies since 2009 both as an independent consultant and through the European Commission and private networks, and is highly qualified in ICT, Mobile and Fintech.
Founder of CBO Consulting

Jérôme Fauquembergue

CEO at Euratechnologies

Jerome Fauquembergue has worked on the development of a business accelerator dedicated to IT: EuraTechnologies where he was in charge of the business development. Since 2012, he is the Chief Operating Officer at EuraTechnologies. Located in LILLE, in a 100ha urban project dedicated to IT, the project is already hosting a 140 IT companies ecosystem, from startups to international majors.

Kaloyan Ratchev

Managing Partner of Epiphanic Innovation

Kaloyan Ratchev is a Managing Partner at Epiphanic Innovation, a platform to develop, support and grow innovative high-potential startups, and has worked for corporates in the telecom and market research industry as well as for business consulting companies and marketing agencies.

Lars Iversen

CEO of Frogleap

Lars Iversen is currently a Senior Business Adviser and a Partner at Springfellow International as well as the CEO at Frogleap who has an extensive knowledge of emerging technologies, sales and business development. His area of expertise is in acceleration services for entrepreneurs and early stage technology startups.

Olaf-Gerd Gemein

Coordinator at SpeedUP! Europe FIWARE Accelerator

Olaf-Gerd Gemein is an entrepreneur and business architect who has had more than 30 years of experience building the initial products and services and go-to-market strategies of more than 100 projects from 13 countries in the ICT sector.

Paulo Andrez

Founder of DNA Cascais Incubator

Paulo Andrez is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, board member of DNA Cascais and of FNABA, and President Emeritus at the European Business Angel Network (EBAN). His fields of expertise are business angels, seed funds, and early stage markets.

Riccardo Bua

Cisco Systems

Riccardo Bua is currently the Global UCC/Collaboration Services Technical Leader at Cisco Systems. His area of expertise is ICT including UC, UCC, IPCC, Microsoft (OS, SQL), software, and cloud (SAAS, XAAS, HCS).

Susanne Kuehrer

CEO at fe-ve

Susanne Kuehrer is the Founder & CEO of Fe-Ve and is working in Business Development at the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) who has held several positions in various industries throughout her career ranging from automotive and healthcare to fashion, cosmetics and telecommunications.

Marika Mazzi Boem

Co-Founder of X23

Marika Mazzi Boem is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder, board member and Innovation Strategist at X23 srl, EU Industry Expert at the EU Commission. She has been working for about 10 years in the US and in Milan within Strategy and Marketing divisions has strong skills and expertise in Business Modelling, Business Planning, industry innovation processes, business strategy planning, startups coaching and mentoring.

Technology Commercialization Mentors :

Juergen BUND

Co-Founder @ Tridivisions


Alexander SON

Managing Shareholder @ RatnerPrestia


Joon Philippe LI

Lawyer @ Jones Day


Seung Ho LEE

CEO @ DeltaTech Korea Ltd


Hoyoung HWANG

Principal Researcher @ ETRI


Hyunchae YU

Co-Owner @ The Law Company BVBA

Sung-Kyo JUNG

R&D engineer @ NXP Software


Jong-Wook LEE

President @ Yale International

Insun LEE

Architect @ Zed Factory


Jiwon JANG

Project Coordinator @ iMinds


Tae-Gon KIM

Senior Researcher @ Imec




R&D Mentors :

Seunghwan LEE

Associate Professor @ Technical University of Denmark


Stefan S. DIMOV

Professor @ University of Birmingham


Jong Min KIM

Professor of Electrical Engineering @ University of Oxford


Bong YOO

Principal Researcher  @ SCK-CEN


Jong-Wook LEE

President @ Yale International

Insun LEE

Architect @ Zed Factory


Seung Ho LEE

CEO @ DeltaTech Korea Ltd


Hoyoung HWANG

Principal Researcher @ ETRI


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