Our Mission and Goal


After implementing its new creative economy vision, the Korean government has recently been promoting the internationalization of national researchers, venture companies and SMEs to the world market. Especially an on-site continuous dialogue between Korea and the EU should be built up to enhance greater reciprocity in terms of mutual interest.

To achieve this, the KIC-Europe(Korea research and Innovation centre-Europe) as the systemic collaborative infrastructure was established in Brussels on November 8th, 2013.


Our Goal

Our goal is to assist Korean companies in international expansion while helping them optimize their operations. Our suite of services allow our partners to concentrate on their core business activity while receiving mentorship from our international network of experts, to ensure the ideal business environment for them.

Our Mission

The centre will contribute as a strategic platform, making a commitment to facilitate a regional policy dialogue to include a full spectrum of Korean & European actors and playing a pivotal role in disseminating momentous information and promoting Korean-European S&T partnership.

Based on the main activities, the mission of our centre is to bridge all fields of Research & Innovation between the European Union and South Korea. This can be realized by creating networks between governmental institutions and SME’s.

KIC-Europe has as its main activities in setting up a Research and Innovation cooperation network by promotion of participation in multi-national collaborative research programs such as HORIZON 2020, through personnel and information exchanges, and by supporting technology transfer between the EU and Korea.

As a part of these efforts, on the basis of joint partnership, KIC-Europe is conducting R&D-based projects for developing core & fusion technology, developing joint R&D programs between the EU and Korea, and providing technical/business consulting for Korean and European industries.

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