This month’s agenda of KIC-Autobahn included the participation of 8 Korean young ventures to Startup Safary Berlin. It first started with one day workshop given by Bart van Loon about “How to give the perfect pitch”, followed by Alexandre Son regarding European patent & intellectual  property protection law. This workshop turned out very interesting for all of the participating startups as pitching is an important part of finding investment in Europe.

Startup Safary event itself took place from 13 to 14 October all around the city of Berlin. In the course of this 2 days event, Korean startups got to meet with investors, potential partners, mentors, law advisors, etc. during Berlin startup ecosystem tours, and 1-on-1 meetings.

The full Berlin program ended up with the Betapitch Global & Investors day on 15 October where the startups had the opportunity to attend various workshop and meet investors in private.

KIC-Autobahn @ Startup Safary Berlin was an overall success and we are happy to now introduce the 8 Korean startups that took part into this event.


Geo-Line was founded in 2014 and aims to solve high-cost and high-maintenance issues related to electric vehicle charging solutions. They have developed two flahship products: the PLUG&PAY Mobile Charger and a SPSS Outlet (Standby Powerless Security System). PLUG&PAY is a mobile electric vehicle charger that solves several problems such as the current high-cost, high-maintenance and payment complexity of charging solutions thanks to its built-in mobile communication modem and meter. The SPSS Outlet is a dust and water proof socket with an anti-theft function and a standby power blocking function preventing billing for unused power.

IRSYS is an IOT/Information security company that launched LOCKIT, the world’s smallest iris recognition device that secures iris recognition and data encryption without saving any biometric information to any server or device and therefore prevents customer’s risk of personal information leakage. Thanks to its built-in iris recognition camera and micro USB connector, this device can encrypt personal data very quickly and be plugged in to your smartphone, computer or tablet. It comes with the LOCKIT mobile app to help integrate iris recognition into existing e-payment, access control or even financial solutions.I

NAMU is a start-up company that develops a wearable posture tracker, ALEX posture, harnessing IOT technology. We are visioning to help people to live more confident and healthier. Founders have deep experience in healthcare industry more than 20 years, and most of team members have biomedical engineering background. With this, NAMU has a strong combination of expertise in posture sensing, medical device manufacturing, healthcare service development and brand marketing.

PayMWorld introduces Miracle Pay, a simplified and patented NFC payment system, ensuring fast and safe payment via mobile or PC. Miracle Pay allows you to “touch” together your credit card and smartphone in order to make an instant payment without having to register your credit card to your phone. This guarantees an easier payment experience, an improved security of your personal information and bank details and more versatility.

Sonictier provides 3D Immersive Sound Processor to play 16 channel 3D surround system. This technology is to support patent-protected x-y axis screen channel and z axis surround. The company also provides 3D sound authoring software for professionals and amateurs to make their sound contents 3D immersive to upload to social media like YouTube, say Soundshop, sound version of Photoshop.

ICYCLE launched its multifunction smart helmet for cyclists to ensure a comfortable, convenient and safer riding experience. Thanks to its thermoselement and ultra-thin heat pipe, the ICYCLE helmet has an efficient cooling system that allows people to control the temperature and humidity of the device. The helmet also has a built-in GPS, HMD, AR Camera and Bluetooth function to provide the user with a maximum of information.

Wow Venture developed Muglau, a mobile app aimed to solve food waste problems at Food Service Facilities (especially restaurants and school cafeterias) while ensuring an optimisation of food quantity. Mauglau uses a nutritionist-customer approach combined with a feedback system.

CLAY FINGERS CO. is a clay based development research facility which focuses on infusing clay modelling with developmental education. Our product can supplement any pre-existing educational curriculum (e.g. art, science, therapy and language development) with the added benefits of clay modelling and technology. We will bring our clay models to life by integrating QR codes and NFC tags with recordings of specific sounds for each model. Using a patented Augmented Reality (AR) module, users will be able to view and interact with completed virtual models before starting to build. AR will then add animated elements to our users’ finished creations. We are also readily available to model our product around your needs. Together we can create a new frontier through connected play.

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