Autobahn Business Plaza

Fast-track to European market!

The primary goal of KIC Europe Business Plaza is to help the Korean SMEs and Startups here in Europe grow to their full potential, so that they could easily settle down and develop their business in European Market. We aim to create an inclusive space with supporting Staff of the best and diverse backgrounds. As such, we are committed to provide the best work place for Korean SMEs who just set up in Europe. You get started right away with our helpful Staff.

Why so special?

Optimum location KIC Europe business plaza is located in Mitte, the heart of Berlin. Berlin is the fastest-growing startupecosystem in the world and received the most venture capital investment of any city in Europe since 2015(Source:Techcrunch) Berlin provides a relatively low cost of living compared to other tech hubs like Silicon Valley and London. Thinking about expanding your business in Europe? Then, KIC Europe business plaza is the best choice for you. Best practices and corporate governance We endeavor to promote and support your business activities in European market. In this respect, we do connect you with the best agencies who offer services including annual secretarial services, corporate governance advice transaction support and with law firms offering taxation & legal issues. We share with you our experience of effective governance and our framework of subsidiary risk management with European perspectives.


1. Business Plaza

Basic support

  • Pleasant office space, equipped with stylish furniture
  • Meeting rooms, Cafeteria and lounge area, Video-conferencing suite
  • Facilities : Internet connection, phone, fax, printers
  • Business Mentoring
  • Finding and connecting business networks (Connection with public authorities)
  • Aid Business setting-up :Visa process, Company registration, Advice for taxation and legal issues, Employment contract legislation
  • Secretarial Services: Bi-lingual services (English, Germany. Etc)
  • Access to public grants and other incentives

* Should the applicant request additional consulting services (e.g. consulting with external experts), he/she would have to cover the cost themselves.


2. Co-Working Space

Please, register autobahn co-working space.

Free of charge for Members only

Access:  Monday to Friday, 09:00 ~17:00


3. Contact

Address:  Charlottenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin Germany

Telephone: +49 (0)30 3551 2840



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