About KIC-Europe

KIC-Europe was established in November 2013 as the first Research & Innovation Centre in Brussels to develop an integrated cooperation to build a large network in research and innovation between Korea and the EU. Our Centre has three main objectives as follows:


■ Policy development between Korea and the EU
■ Establishment of an R&D cooperation platform
■ Innovation cooperation on Technology transfer and Korean startups, entrepreneurs, etc.




Startups | SMEs


Agenda | Roadmap

The main advantages of KIC-Europe’s services:



■ Conduct policy research and distribute relevant information, publish an in-depth magazine

■ Support Korea –EU R&I collaborations including in Korea-EU researchers’ mobility through the ERC and Marie Skodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

■ Find possible joint research calls

■ Assist prospective Korean researchers through NCP (National Contact Point) helpdesk

■ Support cooperation for cutting-edge technology transfer of Korean government-affiliated organiztions and institutes and  commercialization

■ Provide strategic and technical consulting for Korean startups, entrepreneurs to expand their business to the European market

■ Matchmaking and building long-term business partnerships in S&T field

■ Organize events: Forum, Networking events, Conferences and Workshops

Coverage & Prestige

Partnerships & Network

Learn & Grow

R&D Policy Cooperation

EU Horizon 2020 Joint Project Approval 3 Cases

  • (KICT) Consortium with Germany Helmholtz GFZ, Renewable Energy (4yrs  € 24M)
  • (ETRI) Consortium with France CEA-LEIT, 5G area (2yrs € 3M)
  • (ETRI) Consortium with Greece NTUA, Cloud Computing (2yrs € 1.5M)

EUREKA Cluster(ITEA3) 2 Cases

  • (ETRI) Consortium with the Netherlands TNO (3yrs € 1.2M)
  • (ETRI) Consortium with Canada Innovative Trauma Care Inc. (3yrs € 1.2M)

Other KO-EU Joint Research 9 Cases

  • ETRI, KITECH, Fraunhofer Industry 4.0 area
  • KO-Germany Joint Research and 8 more

R&D Policy Analysis 140 Times

  • EU R&D, Science & Technology Policy Analysis dispersed through NRF Monthly Report & KIC Europe Website

TC & Startups

Korea Innovation Day(2015.2) Letter of Intent €1.2M

  • Transparent Display Screen (€ 1.2M /3yrs)

「KIC Autoban」Startup Programme IR(10 times) & Korean Startups(46 teams)

  • DOT: BCN Accelerator ‘Startupbootcamp’ invited
  • (€15,000 Cash +€ 450,000 Service) & POSCO
  • acknowledged enterprise value € 24M
  • ToobPlus: Korea Venture Invt. € 95,000 Investment
  • Sonictier: KTB Network, HB Investment each €1.2M

ITU Telecom World 2015 Awards Received

  • DOT(Braille Smart Watch)& Sonictier(3D Sounding) Enterprise Awards Received

Pioneers & TNW Awards& Investment Attraction

  • Total Value of Investment Discussed: € 9M
  • Total Value of Export Discussed: € 3M
  • Just’s Adventure inc. planned to establish in Europe
  • 33 Mentors
  • 60 Partners
  • 118 Companies Represented
  • 21 Countries

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